Simply Music

Piano for age 7 and up


At Roseville Piano Studio, your student will learn to play the piano by playing the piano.


Our “learn-by-playing” approach is based on the premise that everybody, without exception, is musical.


The Simply Music© program both draws on and ‘feeds’ the natural sense of music we all possess and teaches students to play the piano by immersing them in the actual process of playing.

Beginning students, with no attention on having to read music, are free to relate directly to the piano. Within months, they easily and naturally establish a hands-on, personal feeling for the instrument and build their own playlist that includes contemporary, classical, blues and jazz styles.

Ultimately, students get to experience the absolute joy that comes from being able to immediately play a broad repertoire of great-sounding music.

After about 12 months of lessons, and with a repertoire of 35 to 50 pieces covering a broad range of musical styles, students go on to learn how to read music and understand more theory.

Their ability to play piano so well provides a natural and ideal foundation.

Playing intuitively, reading music, and understanding music theory are all an essential part of each student’s experience, giving your young musician a full set of musical tools to express themselves through music.