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We have dedicated this page to all the current students as a resources to purchase Student Class & Home Materials. Please click on the dedicated link to purchase any of the Home Kits or Download the Student Handbook. You will also find a link to our handy "Calendar" where you can find dates and times other students would like to trade lessons (Either one time swap or permanent swap), feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have. Thank you.

New Music and Movement classes added!

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Strolling Down Music & Memory Lane




Throughout September and October, Simply Music has asked its community to collect iTunes cards and gently-used or new iPods for Music & Memory. It’s been a powerful experience to see how many people have shared our message far and wide, focussingRead More



Our Studio Calendar is a tool for students to post and view schedule lessons with other students. Unable to make your scheduled lesson? Post it on the calendar for others students and parents to view and swap. The calendar also has important dates in regards to events and residuals. Please visit our calendar at the link provided below.

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Purchase Your Music and Movement Kits "Tots"

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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a comprehensive document that describes Roseville Piano and Music Studio's commitment to their students (e.g. providing a safe, clean, healthy environment for students to learn and grow) and the expectations of students and parents that will create the most effective and beneficial learning environment.


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Roseville Piano Students (all students) Please use the link below to pay your monthly tuition fees. Thank You

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    Our Music and Piano programs are specifically designed for children and adults of all ages. Our Studio is conveniently located in Old Roseville.
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    Simply Music students—children, teenagers, adults and seniors alike—are discovering that they have an ability to learn piano more easily and naturally than they thought possible.