When you arrive, you will be welcomed and made to feel at home right away. This is a place where your family will laugh, learn, and create together.


Whether you are already a musician or have never played an instrument before, you’ll be invited to join us as we laugh and play music together. It’s okay to make mistakes in our studio. You (or your child) will learn to turn those mistakes into musical experiences - compositions, even - and then give them a name and show them off.


As the parent of a music student, you are essential to your child’s musical success.


You support them in lessons and in their practice at home - which is the most important part of learning music. As part of our team, you’ll even find yourself becoming an impromptu musician if you choose to do so. You will join along with us as we sing, tap, clap, and laugh.


Your child will immediately become part of a team of friends.


You will watch your child grow confident and excited about being a musician. You might see your child soloing with a blues tune while their teammates improvise on the blues scale or play along with bongo drums and toebourine (a tambourine for your toes!).


Your child will build long-term, fulfilling relationships during their time at Roseville Piano Studio. They will learn with and from other musicians of all ages, becoming part of a multi-generational team of music-makers.

Your child will learn lessons that will carry far beyond music lessons: they will learn persistence, develop a strong work ethic, learn to work well with a team, and strengthen their independent thinking skills.


Eventually, your child will no longer need us. They will be able to improvise, create, read, and perform music on their own.

They will have a clear understanding of how music works. That’s when we know we’ve accomplished our ultimate goal.

When your child is a strong, independent musician who is able to do whatever they want to do with their music, we will be proud to have worked ourselves out of a job. Playing music is a rewarding, exciting experience; that’s why your child wants to learn to play music. We make sure that their experience - and yours - is positive from first to last lesson.


Our studio family is excited to have your family join us.