Adult Lessons


Did you take piano lessons as a child?


You will love playing familiar and new tunes as you get reacquainted with the piano. You will learn to play creatively, often without using printed music, while strengthening the piano skills you already have.

Is this your first experience with piano lessons?

You will love our ‘learn-by-playing’ approach, based on the premise that everybody, without exception, is musical. Within months, you will easily and naturally establish a hands-on, personal feeling for the instrument and build a playlist that includes contemporary, classical, blues and jazz styles.

Private or partner lessons: what’s the best fit for you?

Attending a lesson with another adult student is a deeply rewarding, fun experience for you both. You will play duets, take turns accompanying each other, share compositions, improvise separately and together, and cheer each other on as you learn.

Attending lessons on your own provides the opportunity to work one-on-one with a teacher. Each lesson is focused solely on helping you to become a strong, independent musician.

Regardless of your experience or lesson format, you will find piano lessons at Roseville Piano Studio to be warm, friendly, casual, and positive.


You will love how playing music enriches your daily life.